Royal Air Force

 April 1918 to present date.

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  Imperial Air Convention

Air Transport Auxiliaries

Royal Air Force


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Cap Badges.



Trade Badges.

Hats of the RAF.



RAF Regiment.

  Pilot Wings.

Medical Branch


PMRAFNS Insignia.

  Aircrew Wings and Brevet.

RAF Police and Fire Service related insignia.

  RAF Musician and Band related insignia.



Shoulder Boards Rank Insignia.


Raincoat Rank Insignia.


NCO & Airman

Rank Insignia .


Officer's Mess Dress


NBC Suit

Rank Insignia.


Apprentice & Boy Entrant


Belts and Belt Buckles.


 Nationality Titles.


Aiguillettes, Ceremonial

 and Special Devices.


University Air Squadron.


Lapel badges, Sports medals, medallions and badges etc. 

Rank Tables.
Table of Rank comparison between the Royal Flying Corps, Royal Naval Air Service and Royal Air Force.

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